Throwback Thursday: Dinner With GG, or Reunions With a Sib From Another Crib

GG and I met in the magical twilight that existed after our last year of high school. It was the space when our childhood was officially concluded, and the pending autumn was flush with only potential and dreamy possibilities. Everyone I knew in my graduating class was shining with the undimmed glow of people who are gloriously unaware of how even the best laid plans can still go amazingly askew, but GG? She was a light beyond that.

It wasn’t that she was a rarity whose inner beauty matched her gorgeous exterior, although that was also true. She was one of those people who is so good, so wonderful, that those of us who have so much work yet to do don’t feel like we shrink and become smaller in comparison. By we, I mean me. Years removed from my younger self, I see my weaknesses and insecurity that were all but smothered in loud layers of enthusiasm and bravado. The time spent with GG, however, was absent of any jealousy or otherwise scathing thoughts meant to diminish her while uplifting me.

We lost contact in the most banal of ways: unintentionally, as we continued with our lives without maintaining contact.

And then one day, through the wholly different and less sparkling magic of social media, I saw a very familiar face.

I have never fully abandoned my belief in soul mates; it has only evolved from the restricting and stagnant idea of “one true love.” Instead, I’ve come to believe that in this great and unending cosmos, there is a rhythm and a purpose. Within this, there are people we are meant to meet again and again, and when that happens? We’ll know them.

Now that I’m back in our hometown, we had the chance to reconnect. GG is still perfect. Gorgeous. Her light that I remember from all those years ago has grown from the warmth of a hearth to the that of the early hours of a midsummer day: encompassing and reassuring, making everything feel like it’s going to be alright.

The years between have been an adventure for the both of us. I think that life has sometimes felt like a single lane country road, and we were on our respective paths watching the lights of a semi as it barreling towards us. We did well, though; I really believe that. We arrived at the places where we need to be.

We’re getting together again in a few more weeks, which is really exciting. I am forever grateful to be able to reconnect with people who have been so dear to me, and becoming reacquainted as we reconcile our youth with the amazing people we have become.


  1. It is such a nice feeling reconnecting with old friends – thanks for sharing your story!

    Jessica & James |

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow, what a beautifully written post! And how lovely that you and GG have reconnected after all this time, she sounds like one in a million. When you find someone that has that inner glow, you want to do all you can to keep them, don’t you? Lisa

  3. Britt says:

    The best friends in our lives are the people who can grow separately, not see each other for an extended period of time and still come together as if no time has passed – happy for one another and our accomplishments.

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